Tv Programs For Kids: For Parents Who Don’t Mind the Boob Tube



Being a SAHM while being a first time mom has its ups and downs. You question every decision you make when it comes to your child. You worry how every major choice you make affects him. Tv time is not one of those things for me. I don’t let him watch tv all day nor does he want to. But when I let him, it’s always a show I think he can learn from. Not all shows are good ones. And I don’t like having superheroes playing in the background. So I made a list of shows and arranged them by subject and where to find them since we got rid of cable.

(N) = Netflix   (A) = Amazon  (H) = Hulu  (YT) = YouTube 

Martha Speaks (N)
Between the Lions (YT)
Super Why (N)
Animal ABC’s (N)
Word World (A)
Scholastic Storybooks (N)
VocabuLarry (H)
Word Girl (N)
LeapFrog Phonics Farm (N)
LeapFrog The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park (N)
LeapFrog The Magnificent Museum of Opposite Words (N)
LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures: The Letter Machine Rescue Team (N)
LeapFrog Letter Factory: Word Explorers (N)
Reading Rainbow (A)

Charlie and the Numbers (H)
Emily’s First 100 Days of School (N)
Peg + Cat (N)(H)
Team Umizoomi (A)
Animal 123’s (N)
Numbers Around the Globe (N)(H)
Counting with Paula (A)
LeapFrog Number Land (N)
LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures: Counting on Lemonade (N)
LeapFrog Numbers Ahoy (N)
LeapFrog Math Adventures to the Moon (N)

Colors and Shapes
Team Umizoomi (A)
Color Crew (N)(H)
Tricky Tracks (H)
Babytv: Shape-a-Majigs (YT)
Preschool: Shapes and Colors playlist by Aprille D (YT)
LeapFrog Adventures in Shapeville Park (N)

Sid the Science Kid (N)
Wild Kratts (N)(H)
Magic School Bus (N)
Tillie Knock Knock (N)(H)
Wonder Pets (A)
Dinosaur Train (N)
School House Rock Earth (N)
The Blue Planet (N)
Animal Party (H)
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (N)
Peep and the Big Wide World (N)
Look Around You (H)

Music and Art
Little Einstein (N)
Creative Galaxy (A)
Baby Genius Favorite Nursery Rhymes (N)
Baby Genius Favorite Children’s Songs (N)
Baby Genius Favorite Counting Songs (N)
Baby Genius Baby Animals Favorite Sing-a-longs (N)
Baby Genius Favorite Sing-a-longs (N)
Baby First Art and Music (N)(H)
Concertino (H)
Crafty Rafty (H)
Bob Zoom (N)
The Notekins (H)

Curious George (N)(A)
Blue’s Clues (A)
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (N)
Flip and Flash (H)
Hippa Hippa Hey (H)
BunnyTown (N)
Vocabulary with Fred and Fiona (H)
Pitch and Potch (H)
Bath and Bed (H)
Hungry Henry (H)

Hulu has BabyFirst and BabyTv programs. I suggest checking out what else they have to offer. Creative Galaxy is one my son’s favorite, and mine I must admit. First episode talked about pointillism and an artist associated with that art style. YouTube has all sorts of stuff. I even found the original School House Rock.