AFI’s Goal Update – Vertigo


Well, this isn’t my favorite Hitchcock creation. Though, it was entertaining. I felt sorry for the main guy. Agoraphobia is not a fear I want to have. I just didn’t care for what led up to the ending and how it ended. He lost it for obvious reasons and the ending was a bit, silly. I hardly ever talk at the screen but I found myself saying, “really?!” aloud to the tv. I give this movie 3 stars.

Watched: 27/50

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AFI’s Goal Update – Sunset BLVD


This is my second film noir movie. And I must say it was more interesting to me than Double Indemnity. The main female character was far more interesting because she was a bit mentally unstable. One of my favorite parts was her impersonation of Charlie Chaplin. I felt kinda bad for the main guy at some point. It seemed like he kind of settled in his prison, accepted his unhappy fate. I’m sure most of us have been in those kind of relationships before. There was no fast talking or the use of the word “dame” in this movie which was a plus. However, it stuck to the classic “show you the end and then recap with narration” formula. Netflix thought I’d give it 5 stars. They overshot it by one star, I’m giving it 4.

Watched: 26/50

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AFI’s Goal Update – Double Indemnity


Well, I just watched my first and probably only film noir movie. It was interesting and fit the stereotype that I had in my mind. The fast talking, the word play, the narrating, the use of the word “dame”, femme fatale, dark and shadowy, and of course the detective type character that moves the plot along with his questions. Oh, and the murder. Can’t forget the murder. I got a bit bored in the middle and wondered how long the movie was but it wasn’t boring enough for me to quit watching. I’ll give it 3 stars.

Watched: 25/50 (HALF WAY!!!)

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AFI’s Goal Update – Annie Hall


I watched Annie Hall. It was ok. I love Diane Keaton which was the real reason why I decided to put this movie on my list. I don’t find Woody Allen funny. He’s just not my kind of humor. However, I do get why it’s a classic and why it won many awards. I do like the fact that it’s a romantic comedy that portrays the main relationship a bit more realistically than other films in the same genre. All in all I will give it 3 stars, just like Netflix predicted.

On a minor note, I list 29 movies instead of the 28 needed to reach my goal, 50, because I want to have a fallback. Some of these movies are old (compared to me) and may be hard for me to find or watch. I don’t like a lot of racist language or subjects and some of the movies were made during the height of racial tensions. Hence, In the Heat of the Night did not make my list.

Watched: 23/50

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AFI Top 100


I have a Life To Do list. It’s a list similar to a Bucket List. They’re are things that I hope and dream to do during my life and the best way to keep track of them all is to write them down. As with people, my dreams and goals change as my life goes on and I grow. So, updates happen. I add some things and I get rid of some things. One of the items on that list is to watch HALF of AFI’s top 100 movies. Fifty movies shouldn’t be hard. So how do I keep track of what movies I have seen, haven’t seen and want to see? Lists!!! That’s right I’m going to list out the 100 movies, highlight the ones I want to see and cross off the ones I have seen. Simple!

Actually, not that simple. A lot of the movies I have never heard of and some of the ones I want to see may be hard to find! Luckily, I’ve seen a nice chunk of the movies listed.

I chose to do the updated list instead of the original. Later I may create an alternate “To Watch” list with the original Top 100.

Watched: 22/50

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Achieving Dreams – Update

I am happy to report that my husband and I have found a new church! We really like it there and our son loves it! I jokingly refer it as his “Happy Fun Place”. Hopefully I can cross off a couple more items off my Dream List this year. Doesn’t help that I keep adding stuff and getting rid of stuff.

Number 70 (now number 68 after some editing) is gone! Wooohooo!!

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