Like most people, I’m on a spiritual quest. A quest that I know will take me a lifetime to fulfill. There will be hard lessons on this quest and I know some won’t be learned as quickly as others. Some I probably won’t learn at all. But the point is that I’m open and willing to receive. Either through my own internal insights (which is most accurate), through other spiritual leaders (they can help point the way), through books (they can help open your eyes), through music (it can quiet the soul to receive many blessings and messages), and through experiences (the greatest teacher when we neglect our inner voices).

What I do know is that no one can truly know all the answers. There’s just too much out there. But every single person has their own unique answer and that answer is worth listening to, even once. Even if you don’t agree, that’s fine. Their truth my not be your truth. The point of a spiritual quest isn’t to learn and adapt someone else’s truth but to discover and learn your own. Use others as a jumping off point, to awaken you to knew possibilities. We’re all here for a reason. Sometimes I think it’s to be a light, a guide, a teacher, an example for someone else to find their truth.

I do not believe that we have to have the crystals and extreme rituals. For some people its a necessity. And that’s fine. Not everyone has to do that though. I do believe however that everyone MUST take time to be quiet by themselves to pray, meditate, quiet the mind, and focus. Even if its for a few minutes. Even if you don’t want to develop spiritually, the benefits of daily, bi-daily, or weekly meditation is worth the effort. Meditation isn’t just for spiritual gain, but physical gain as well.

I’m at a point where I think I figured out how I tick, spiritually. I know where my strengths and weaknesses are. I won’t begin to say that I never had doubts, that I didn’t question whether I’m doing the right thing or whether I’ve heard my inner voice right. I had too many of those occurrences to count. But what I do know is if I listen to that inner voice and follow it, my life is better and I’m so much more happy.


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