Nova’s Knitting Adventures

Hello! Welcome to Nova’s Knitting Adventures! I’m Nova and I’m going to be posting all my knitting adventures! All the triumphs and failures. My adventure began July 2009 with my first knitting needles and yarn. Since then, I’ve never looked back! So here I am, sharing my trials and research to the world! My goal is to help my fellow poor and struggling knitters find what they need for basically little to nothing. So join me!

Now as you know, I’m a novice in the knitting department. But I’m also a visual learner. I can read patterns fine but translating them to my fingers and threw my needles is another story. I have to see someone do it first for me to get it. So I’m going to post sites that have video instructions on everything dealing with knitting. From needles to yarn to stitches. I’m posting them! I’ll also post actual videos from time to time.

Another point to bring up is that I’m broke. So cheap stuff is a plus, free stuff is better. So I’ll be posting any good deals I find online. I will also post free and cheap patterns for my low-of-funds knitting friends. They’re not that hard to find but its easier to find them all when the links are all in one place.

Thats about all! So I’m off to continue my adventure! But don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted! (Yes, I know I’m corny…. leave me alone! I thought it was witty! ^_^ )

Knitting Help: I love this site. This is where I learned how to knit.

IKnitWithCatFur Youtube: She has AMAZING videos. Shows you various stitches and patterns stitch by stitch.

KnittingPatternCentral: One of the best free knitting pattern sites on the web.

Ravelry: Another wonderful site that has both free and paid for patterns. You must signup. Don’t worry its free!

KnitPicks: This site not only offers great yarn (to buy) but lovely free patterns!


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