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I have a Life To Do list. It’s a list similar to a Bucket List. They’re are things that I hope and dream to do during my life and the best way to keep track of them all is to write them down. As with people, my dreams and goals change as my life goes on and I grow. So, updates happen. I add some things and I get rid of some things. One of the items on that list is to watch HALF of AFI’s top 100 movies. Fifty movies shouldn’t be hard. So how do I keep track of what movies I have seen, haven’t seen and want to see? Lists!!! That’s right I’m going to list out the 100 movies, highlight the ones I want to see and cross off the ones I have seen. Simple!

Actually, not that simple. A lot of the movies I have never heard of and some of the ones I want to see may be hard to find! Luckily, I’ve seen a nice chunk of the movies listed.

I chose to do the updated list instead of the original. Later I may create an alternate “To Watch” list with the original Top 100.

Watched: 22/50

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Achieving Dreams – Update

I am happy to report that my husband and I have found a new church! We really like it there and our son loves it! I jokingly refer it as his “Happy Fun Place”. Hopefully I can cross off a couple more items off my Dream List this year. Doesn’t help that I keep adding stuff and getting rid of stuff.

Number 70 (now number 68 after some editing) is gone! Wooohooo!!

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Achieving Dreams – Cruise

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 I went on a week long cruise in the early part of April. It was really nice and it was a learning experience since it was my first cruise. Went to Cozumel, Belize, Mahogany Bay, and Grand Cayman Islands. I really enjoyed my time in almost all the places except Belize. If you cruise to Belize, DO AN EXCURSION! Don’t try to explore by yourself. It’s a poor country and they will bombard you with services. Taxis, hair, nail polish, directions – you name it, they will try to sell it to you. You can’t take two steps without being approached.

Cozumel had a really nice area for shopping but if you want the best chance of doing something fun or exploring, especially if you’re in to history, do an excursion. Mahogany Bay by far was my favorite. Beautiful beach, comfy chairs, expensive bars and other activities available. Excursion is optional but you’ll get a discount if you buy one. I loved the beaches in Grand Cayman, so much so that I forgot to take a picture. Oh well! Again, you don’t need to get an excursion but be prepared to get a taxi to get to a beach.

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The Ten Pound Countdown – What the *bleep* Happened?

Having a baby sure changes you. It changes what you do and how you look at things. It brings out the best and worse of you on a daily basis. Not an easy job to have. There’s a lot of work involved and that’s just for the baby. What about mommy? What kind of work does mommy do for herself?

Well this mommy’s first task was to make sure she lost the baby weight. Well, the majority of it. And this mommy did great! At least until she got close to the finish line. She stumbled, she fell, she rolled back down the hill. What happened? She was so close!

Well, many things happened. She let lack of sleep and stress get the better of her. She used it as an excuse to eat what was quick and easy instead of healthy. Cheeseburgers. She knew she shouldn’t have ate them but they were there and she was hungry. And that was another mistake. She let herself get hungry. Hunger, stress, lack of sleep – all contributing factors to weight gain.

So how bad was this setback? She was five pounds away from her goal and she gained it instead of losing it! Ten pounds. It doesn’t seem much but when you’re trying to lose it, it seems like a lot! Much props to those men and women that lose so much more weight than that!

So here’s what this mommy is going to do. She can’t do much with the lack of sleep, because of external factors, but she can do other things. She can watch what she eats. She’s not going to starve herself or deny herself anything. That is the quickest way to gorging on unhealthy fatty foods! Moderation is the name of the game. Exercising is also something that she needs to do more often. Now, with the stress, she’ll do her best to manage that. But with a baby the gets into everything – he’s a walking curiosity that broke that, ate this and dear God what are you doing?!, and is teething – he screams all the time and nothing, not even food, makes him happy! And the baby loves his food!

Starting this week this mommy will try to summarize what she did and ate in order to keep track of her journey to win this final ten pounds race. Wish her luck!

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Achieving Dreams – Seattle/Portland Trip

I just got back from visiting my brother and niece and I really enjoyed the trip. I was a little disappointed however, with the weather. We got there during a heatwave. Oh well. Good news is that I knocked off two things off my list! I got to see Pike Place Market without all the cold and the rain and I got to see fish being thrown. Then a few days later I got eat a maple bacon doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts. It was delicious.

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Oh! I also have an herb garden. Sorta. It’s an indoor garden since I live in an apartment. I have basil, rosemary and mint plants. I’m excited to say they’re growing rather well. Especially the mint. It’s growing like crazy!

85, 88, 111 – Gone!!!

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Achieving Dreams – Unexpected Update!

Well, thanks to my wonderful husband, I got to cross off another thing on my “Life To-Do List”! So happy! It was completely unexpected and to tell you the truth, I had forgotten it was on my list. Number 25, see a live performance of a popular band I like is now crossed off! My husband bought tickets to see Papa Roach and Shinedown live on Sunday. And since Papa Roach is one of my favorite bands, I was totally excited to be able to go. And let me tell you, it was awesome! If I can see them live again, I totally would! I had a lot of fun and also may have discovered a new band to listen to.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I remembered that seeing a live band was on my list! Yay! So without further ado, #25 is now crossed off! Woohoo! I also did some editing to the list and will be removing two things from my list. They are no longer “important” to me right now.

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