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Achieving Dreams – Update

I am happy to report that my husband and I have found a new church! We really like it there and our son loves it! I jokingly refer it as his “Happy Fun Place”. Hopefully I can cross off a couple more items off my Dream List this year. Doesn’t help that I keep adding stuff and getting rid of stuff.

Number 70 (now number 68 after some editing) is gone! Wooohooo!!

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Wishcraft: Chapter Three


Exercise 4 (pg. 34) Pick a color

I am purple. I am beautiful, cozy, peaceful, joyful and happiness. I am strong yet soft, peaceful, wise, and spiritual.

Exercise 5 (pg. 35)  The private-eye game

Snoop around your house or room as if you were a private detective. You are trying to who lives there from what is revealed in the house.


  • mixed-matched furniture: 2 brown couches, black gray chair, black beanbag, 1 black side table, 1 black mantle, 2 black bookshelves, black and glass tv stand, tv, ps3
    • mantle contains pictures of children
    • bookshelf full of books: philosophy, ASL, plays/playwrights, fantasy/scifi, textbooks, manga, crafts
    • bookshelf full of games, movies, workout videos and tv shows: comedies, horror, action, anime, scifi/fantasy, rpg’s
  • fairly clean – baby rocker, shoes, baby clothes and toys laid about
  • weights


This person has various interests dealing with arts. They love entertainment of all kinds. They have kids, according to the pictures and the other objects.

Exercise 6 (pg. 41) Seeing yourself as others see you

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Achieving Dreams – Unexpected Update!

Well, thanks to my wonderful husband, I got to cross off another thing on my “Life To-Do List”! So happy! It was completely unexpected and to tell you the truth, I had forgotten it was on my list. Number 25, see a live performance of a popular band I like is now crossed off! My husband bought tickets to see Papa Roach and Shinedown live on Sunday. And since Papa Roach is one of my favorite bands, I was totally excited to be able to go. And let me tell you, it was awesome! If I can see them live again, I totally would! I had a lot of fun and also may have discovered a new band to listen to.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I remembered that seeing a live band was on my list! Yay! So without further ado, #25 is now crossed off! Woohoo! I also did some editing to the list and will be removing two things from my list. They are no longer “important” to me right now.

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Wishcraft: Chapter Two


Yes or No (pg. 15)

  1. Were you treated as though you had a unique kind of genius that was loved and respected?
    • yes.
  2. Were you told that you could do and be anything you wanted – and that you’d be loved and admired no matter what it was?
    • yes.
  3. Were you given real help and encouragement in finding out what you wanted to do – and how to do it?
    • yes.
  4. Were you encouraged to explore all your own talents and interests even if they changed from day to day?
    • yes.
  5. Were you allowed to complain when the going got rough and given sympathy instead of being told to quit? Were you allowed to complain when the going got rough? Were you given sympathy instead of being told to quit?
    • yes. no.
  6. Were you bailed out when you got in over your head – without reproach?
    • yes.
  7. Were you surrounded by winners who were pleased when you won?
    • no.

Exercise 3 (pg. 24) What you might have been

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Wishcraft: Chapter One

My family (my mom, sister and husband)  and I have decided to read a book called Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want by Barbara Sher and follow the activities presented chapter by chapter. My mom and my sister have made this a weekly thing and because I have a three month old son, I’m a little late to the game.

I’ve decided that I’ll post my answers to the questions asked on here as I complete each chapter. I am doing this for one reason, to document my journey to finding what I want – my true calling.


Exercise One


Exercise 2 (pg. 10)

  1. What especially attracted and fascinated you when you were a child?
    • fantasy worlds such as cartoons, mythology, and my imagination
  2. What sense-sight, hearing, touch-did you live most through, or did you enjoy them all equally?
    • sight
  3. What did you love to do, or to daydream about, no matter how “silly” or unimportant it may seem to you now? What were the secret fantasies and games that you never told anybody about?
    • traveling, characters, scenarios
  4. Does it feel like there’s still a part of you that loves those things?
    • yes.
  5. What talents or abilities might those early interests and dreams point to?
    • writing – short stories, novel, screenplay, graphic novel/comic script -, acting,


[One], [Two], [Three], [Four] [Five], [Six], [Seven], [Eight], [Nine], [Ten]