A New Beginning…

I’m a bit apprehensive in starting a new blog considering my other ones have failed. They didn’t fail because no one visited my blog, they failed because I lost interest in them or didn’t have time to update them as often as I liked. Not to be discouraged, I’m starting anew. New site, new outlook, new layout. I realized where I went wrong. I had too many interests, too many blogs, and just became overwhelmed. I did try to combine them in one website (sad attempt) so the viewer can see everything. I didn’t do it for myself and that’s where I went wrong. Now I’m doing this blog differently. This one will house EVERY single thing that I’m interested in. But that won’t mean I will be unorganized. Not in the slightest. I will be categorizing things.

What Things?

My thoughts, revelations, my classes, my creative projects (knitting, graphics, masks), thoughts on books, movies, and anything else that comes to mind. I’m going to do what I started out doing years ago.

Sharing what I want to the world and hope that it inspires others.