Why we’re not losing weight after 35

Violet Thorn

Supposedly it’s harder to keep in shape or lose weight after age 35.

I’m closer to 40 than I am 30. I’m beginning to see changes in my body. I’m thinking: At this rate what will my body look like 10years from now? How do I keep it in shape and avoid that “middle age spread”?

We all know wIn Shape after 35 Pichat our diet should be to keep healthy and loose weight if we need to. We forget because of the deluge of information out there on what we should do and do not do.

There’s the brand-named diet plans out there like Atkins, Weight Watchers and South Beach. We have our super foods that’s supposed to either help you loose weight or make you extra healthy. And we have our on going battles about what food items are good or bad. Is coffee good or bad. Are eggs good or bad?

But what seems to…

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