Recently Watched Movie: Oldboy (2013)


Why I Liked It

  1. It stayed faithful to the original. I won’t tell you how, but it did.
    1. It’s was as dark if not darker than the original.
    2. What made the original “OMG” was the twist at the end. They kept it.
  2. Good fight scenes.
  3. They made the main guy a total jerk. In the original, he was a semi-jerk.


There is no favorite scene.

Recommend: Maybe. I still like the original better even though I enjoyed the remake. I was shocked to find out that the director was Spike Lee. I would only recommend this to people who are mature and can stomach the violence. Beware of mice!


Blueberry Green Tea Smoothie



I saw this smoothie at not long ago and was kind of intrigued by the blueberry/green tea combination, wondering just what that would taste like. I had plenty of green tea on hand, some blueberries in my freezer, and vanilla yogurt in my fridge, so I didn’t have to buy a single thing to make this, which was nice. The recipe at mentions that green tea gives your metabolism an extra “jolt,” so it sounded like a good thing to try! 🙂 You do have to plan ahead a little to make this, because it works best if you brew the tea the night before and refrigerate it so it’s chilled in the morning.

I love the taste of this smoothie! It has a great blueberry flavor–you don’t really taste the green tea or flax seed in it. And it’s a nice thick smoothie because of the frozen blueberries…

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