My Thoughts: Miley VMAs – What Went Wrong?

I know, I know, I know. I’m sick of this too. And if I hear the word “twerk” again, I honestly might kill someone. But, really, can we please stop talking about her? Well, yeah! We can. But why don’t we? Why can’t we stop talking about her? Why can’t we stop talking about her VMA performance?

Because we can’t figure out why it was so bad.e4af9d84-c32b-49f3-8b26-2e3cf7a5a762_MileyCyrus_082613

So, why was it so bad? If Britney Spears came out “twerking” no one would really care. They would dance and sing along and admire her performance. Of course there will be some that would have issues with it but for the most part everyone would be ok with it. So what exactly went wrong when it came to Miley?

Was it because she “twerked”? No, I don’t think so. The term maybe somewhat new but the dance isn’t. Was I the only one that saw 2 Chainz performance with all the girls shaking their butts? Why wasn’t that all over the news the next day? Is it because we, as a music loving society, expect that kind of dancing from Hip-Hop artists and their dancers?  Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I honestly think the reason why Miley’s VMA performance was so bad is because she looked so awkward doing it. And it wasn’t because she doesn’t have the proper caboose for it. I mean, think about it. Is dancing really a strong skill set for her? Has anyone seen her really dance before that? I mean, really dance. No one would bat an eye if Britney Spears “twerked” because the girl can dance. She would’ve pulled it off with far more finesse than Miley ever could.

And before you bring up her long dead alter-ego Hannah Montana, she’s not Hannah Montana. She’s Miley-effin-Cyrus. miley-cyrus-vanity-fair1She grew up. Get over it. She’s not a little girl “dancing” on stage. She’s a woman. Her association with Disney is over. She proved that she was not the character she plays when she posed for Vanity Fair a few years ago. Remember that? She posed naked, wearing nothing but a sheet. So if you were shocked because you were expecting good-ol wholesomeness, then I’m sorry. I’m sorry you were expecting a performance from a character in a TV show.

Now, the reason why I used Ms. Spears for comparison is because she also has a former Disney association. She was a Mouseketeer. Remember that? She was apart of the Mickey Mouse Club. You can’t get more wholesome and cute than that. She went from Mouseketeer to “It’s Britney bitch!”. Did anyone say anything in the beginning? Not really. Why? She was the complete package. She was cute, she can sing and she can dance. No one really cared.

So why do I think Miley’s live performance made everyone cringe? She can’t dance. She’s the awkward “geek” that can’t dance. Plain and simple. It wasn’t her outfit – I’ve seen artist perform in crazier and more revealing costumes. It wasn’t her seemingly wholesome background – I’ve seen more risqué performances from popular artists with similar backgrounds. It was because the girl can’t dance. Her body just doesn’t flow right for the type of dance she wants to do.

Someone needs to tell her that she doesn’t have to dance. That’s what back-up dancers are for. Just like the late-great Whitney Houston, she can sing, look pretty and not dance. No one cared that Whitney hardly ever danced. All anyone ever cared about was her singing. And that was more than good enough.


We love you Whitney!


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