My Thoughts: Miley VMAs – What Went Wrong?


I know, I know, I know. I’m sick of this too. And if I hear the word “twerk” again, I honestly might kill someone. But, really, can we please stop talking about her? Well, yeah! We can. But why don’t we? Why can’t we stop talking about her? Why can’t we stop talking about her VMA performance?

Because we can’t figure out why it was so bad.e4af9d84-c32b-49f3-8b26-2e3cf7a5a762_MileyCyrus_082613

So, why was it so bad? If Britney Spears came out “twerking” no one would really care. They would dance and sing along and admire her performance. Of course there will be some that would have issues with it but for the most part everyone would be ok with it. So what exactly went wrong when it came to Miley?

Was it because she “twerked”? No, I don’t think so. The term maybe somewhat new but the dance isn’t. Was I the only one that saw 2 Chainz performance with all the girls shaking their butts? Why wasn’t that all over the news the next day? Is it because we, as a music loving society, expect that kind of dancing from Hip-Hop artists and their dancers?  Perhaps. Perhaps not.

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