Achieving Dreams – Seattle/Portland Trip

I just got back from visiting my brother and niece and I really enjoyed the trip. I was a little disappointed however, with the weather. We got there during a heatwave. Oh well. Good news is that I knocked off two things off my list! I got to see Pike Place Market without all the cold and the rain and I got to see fish being thrown. Then a few days later I got eat a maple bacon doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts. It was delicious.

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Oh! I also have an herb garden. Sorta. It’s an indoor garden since I live in an apartment. I have basil, rosemary and mint plants. I’m excited to say they’re growing rather well. Especially the mint. It’s growing like crazy!

85, 88, 111 – Gone!!!

  1. Learn japanese
  2. Write a book
  3. Participate in Susan G Komen Race for the Cure
  4. Have a spectacular 30th birthday
  5. Learn a belly dance routine
  6. Travel to Rome
  7. Travel to Greece
  8. Travel to Japan
  9. Travel to Bahamas
  10. Travel to Hawaii
  11. Travel to Virgin Islands
  12. Travel to New York City
  13. Go to Comic-Con
  14. Go to A-Kon
  15. Go to AFO one more time
  16. Learn to sew
  17. Learn to make costumes
  18. Go to Anime Expo
  19. Go to Yaoi-Con
  20. Go back to Key West
  21. Play Moonlight Sonata on the piano
  22. Play Canon in D on the piano
  23. Try to play the violin again
  24. See Yanni in concert
  25. See a live performance of a popular band I like
  26. See a broadway play
  27. Overcome the fear of dancing in public
  28. Overcome the awkwardness of dancing with someone
  29. Sell things I create
  30. Travel route 66
  31. Have another random road trip with Cab
  32. Experience an actual snow day
  33. See the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan
  34. Fly first class
  35. Stay 2 nights in a luxury hotel
  36. Go on a cruise
  37. Visit the Palace of Versailles
  38. Visit the Forbidden City in China
  39. Visit the Louvre museum again
  40. Put Azrael in a good school
  41. Go to the Great Wall of China
  42. Visit Bali, Indonesia
  43. Travel to French Polynesian Islands
  44. Publish a book
  45. Have Azrael think I am the best mom in the entire universe!
  46. Visit all 50 states
  47. See the pyramids of Egypt
  48. Go to Disney World and Disney Land with and without Azrael
  49. Learn to swim
  50. Get married
  51. Get a tattoo
  52. Ride the Shiekra in Busch Gardens
  53. See Northern Lights
  54. Make an amazing and healthy thanksgiving and christmas dinner
  55. Tour the Washington D.C.
  56. See the Grand Canyon
  57. See Mount Rushmore
  58. Take a photography class
  59. Get an amazing camera and camcorder
  60. Watch half of AFI’s top 100
  61. Teach Azrael to always have faith and trust God
  62. Have Azrael become a wonderful and loving gentleman
  63. Start a food/meal delivery service for the elderly
  64. Move to a place/city/state where it feels like home for the entire family
  65. Ride in a limo for a happy occasion
  66. Renew my passport
  67. Travel to Bora Bora
  68. Go on a spiritual vacation
  69. See West Side Story play
  70. Find a good church
  71. Get back to sexy after Azrael is born
  72. Paint a painting for fun
  73. Decorate pottery
  74. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  75. Meditate twice a day for a week
  76. Continue to blog
  77. Drink real champagne
  78. Travel to Santorini
  79. Attempt to learn French and Spanish again
  80. Continue to write poetry
  81. Visit New Zealand
  82. Tour London
  83. Visit the Taj Mahal
  84. Go inside Notre Dame
  85. Go back to Pike Place market in the warmer months
  86. Go up the Statue of Liberty
  87. Learn to make candles
  88. Have my own fresh herb garden
  89. Learn needlepoint and embroidery
  90. Learn to crochet
  91. Make many origami creations
  92. Read all the books on my to-read list on GoodReads
  93. Learn to hula
  94. Go whale watching
  95. Attend the olympics
  96. Send my dad to an 5-star golf resort
  97. Send my brother to the Super Bowl
  98. Eat lobster tail in Maine
  99. Go to Mardi Gras
  100. To be able to live off the interest of money
  101. To be able to incorporate my anniversary idea
  102. Wear a red evening gown and red shoes to a special occasion
  103. Eat at a famous 5 star restaurant
  104. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
  105. See Sequoias
  106. Have a spa/pamper day
  107. Go to Venice
  108. Ride all the roller coasters at Mt. Olympus Park
  109. Go to a drive thru movie theatre
  110. Own a home
  111. Voodoo Donuts
  112. Go to Niagra Falls
  113. Make sushi
  114. To own a vacation/writing home (ex: Hemingway)
  115. Bake a pie
  116. Stay on Martha’s Vineyard
  117. Research Happiness Project
  118. Send/go with Suzie to see Phantom of the Opera
  119. Attempt a 3D puzzle
  120. Have Azrael create his own list
  121. Finish my breast cancer awareness mask
  122. Do a baby time capsule
  123. Do a decoupage project
  124. Finish dad’s blanket
  125. Finish Azrael’s blanket
  126. Learn to sew by hand
  127. Six Flags Holiday in the Park
  128. Six Flags Fright Night
  129. Universal Studios Fright Night

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