Wishcraft: Chapter Three


Exercise 4 (pg. 34) Pick a color

I am purple. I am beautiful, cozy, peaceful, joyful and happiness. I am strong yet soft, peaceful, wise, and spiritual.

Exercise 5 (pg. 35)  The private-eye game

Snoop around your house or room as if you were a private detective. You are trying to who lives there from what is revealed in the house.


  • mixed-matched furniture: 2 brown couches, black gray chair, black beanbag, 1 black side table, 1 black mantle, 2 black bookshelves, black and glass tv stand, tv, ps3
    • mantle contains pictures of children
    • bookshelf full of books: philosophy, ASL, plays/playwrights, fantasy/scifi, textbooks, manga, crafts
    • bookshelf full of games, movies, workout videos and tv shows: comedies, horror, action, anime, scifi/fantasy, rpg’s
  • fairly clean – baby rocker, shoes, baby clothes and toys laid about
  • weights


This person has various interests dealing with arts. They love entertainment of all kinds. They have kids, according to the pictures and the other objects.

Exercise 6 (pg. 41) Seeing yourself as others see you

Version 1

  • you are creative
    • mask
    • costume
    • cooking
    • games
    • blog
    • knitting
  • good writer- natural
  • encouraging
  • inspirational
  • intellectual
  • self-educated
  • non-conformist/independent – helps with creativity
  • nuturing
  • loyal
  • seeing and experiencing new things
  • thrifty
  • wise soul/old soul
  • defy stereotypes
  • individual
  • thoughtful
  • considerate
  • “heart” person – consider peoples hearts
  • has her own mind and not loud about it
  • very peaceful. peaceful spirit
  • calm – don’t stress
  • go with the flow
  • go your own way
  • original
  • caring

Exercise 7 (pg. 46) Twenty things you like to do

Like to Do Last done? Money/Free? Alone/someone? Planned/spontaneous? Job related? Physical risk? fast or slow paced? Mind, body, spiritual?
knitting months ago both both both no no slow mind/spirtual
writing stories year ago free alone both no no sow mind/spiritual
reading good books days ago free alone both no no slow mind/spiritual
eating good food today both both both no no both body
yoga months ago both both both no some both all
mask making months ago both alone both no no both mind/spiritual
researching what i want to know today free alone spontaneous no no both mind
reading good fanfiction years ago free alone spontaneous no no slow mind
playing games today free both both no no both mind
meditating months ago free alone both no no slow mind/spiritual
laughing today free both both no no both all
talking about spiritual things days ago free with someone both no no slow spiritual
watching spiritual segments days ago free both both no no slow spiritual
traveling year ago both with someone planned no no both mind/spiritual
going to festivals years ago both with someone planned no no both mind
learning about cultures months ago free both both no no slow mind
sharing positive and inspiration quotes today free both spontaneous no no both spiritual
creating characters years ago free both spontaneous no no slow mind/spiritual
listening to music today free both spontaneous no no both spiritual/mind
blogging today free both spontaneous no no both mind/spiritual

(I tried to fix the table)

Exercise 8 (pg. 48) Your Ideal Environment

In my ideal environment, I’d be surrounded by books – mystery, horror, spiritual, self-help, classics, mythology from around the world, and everything that interests me. I’d have all the supplies I need to create whenever I want to create and it will magically appear and resupply itself as needed. My family is wonderful and supportive, loving and understanding towards me and my creative adventures. My husband will be the man he wants to be and his happiness is palpable. My children will know what is like to work in your passion and be in the now. I will be able to have silence and be by myself at whenever it is necessary. I’d never have to worry about cleaning up because I will have a maid – loving, sweet, and loyal. Cooking won’t be a problem because I will have the time and the means to cook delicious, healthy and fresh meals. I will be able to hand pick the ingredients and have them delivered to me whenever I don’t feel like going to the store. My husband and I will have our own creative section of the house, where we can collaborate on various projects.

Exercise 9 (pg. 54) Your Ideal Day

I know it says to dream the impossible. But as I think about my fantasy day, I realize my fantasy is more “normal” than whimsical.

I wake up in the morning after having enough sleep the night before. I am able to do the proper hygienic duties like brushing my teeth before fixing breakfast for my son and I. After eating a nutritional breakfast I start on my business of creativity as my son plays. Depending on my mood, I’m working on my knitting, my writing, my mask making or my collages. By the afternoon, my son and I will go out for lunch, possibly with my friends. We are living in an area that has restaurants and other stores within walking distance. So he and I (sometimes friends) walk to our favorite restaurant and have a healthy meal. My friends are spiritual, kind and creative. We share the same interests and can talk about almost anything. After eating, we’ll go to a park that’s close by. He plays on the playground with the other kids as I read a book on a bench, keeping him in view. When we arrive home an hour or so later, I’ll lay him down to sleep as I prepare a healthy meal for my husband, son, and I. After the prep work for dinner, I will sit and meditate. When my son wakes, we will have educational fun after a snack. While he is doing an activity of his choice, I will be cooking dinner for my family. My husband comes home, tired but happy, from his job and we greet him at the door. He and our son will play and talk about their day as I fix their plates and set the table. We eat, talk, and listen to music. We’ll watch some tv before sending our son to bed. At that time, my husband and I will spend some quality time together, talk about our future plans, and our goals. Before going to bed, I’ll update my website and blog as well as my store. I’ll pack the leftovers for my husband’s lunch the next day. As I go to sleep, I’m at peace with the events and conversations with friends and family that transpired throughout the day.

On the days my stepsons are with us, the day will go about the same, except that they will be in school and will come home with my husband.

Fantasy Analysis (pg. 58) Seven questions

I didn’t do the seven questions because of how more realistic my ideal day is. I didn’t think that breaking it down would serve me in any way.


[One], [Two], [Three], [Four] [Five], [Six], [Seven], [Eight], [Nine], [Ten]


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