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Wishcraft: Chapter Three


Exercise 4 (pg. 34) Pick a color

I am purple. I am beautiful, cozy, peaceful, joyful and happiness. I am strong yet soft, peaceful, wise, and spiritual.

Exercise 5 (pg. 35)  The private-eye game

Snoop around your house or room as if you were a private detective. You are trying to who lives there from what is revealed in the house.


  • mixed-matched furniture: 2 brown couches, black gray chair, black beanbag, 1 black side table, 1 black mantle, 2 black bookshelves, black and glass tv stand, tv, ps3
    • mantle contains pictures of children
    • bookshelf full of books: philosophy, ASL, plays/playwrights, fantasy/scifi, textbooks, manga, crafts
    • bookshelf full of games, movies, workout videos and tv shows: comedies, horror, action, anime, scifi/fantasy, rpg’s
  • fairly clean – baby rocker, shoes, baby clothes and toys laid about
  • weights


This person has various interests dealing with arts. They love entertainment of all kinds. They have kids, according to the pictures and the other objects.

Exercise 6 (pg. 41) Seeing yourself as others see you

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