Scream Before Its Too Late!

Ok. I need to vent before I go crazy. Excuse any and all offensive language that may be present in this post.

Goddammit! Son of a bitch!


Ok. I am so sick and tired of this place. Place, meaning the apartment me, my husband, and my two month old son live in. There have been problems since we moved in here back in September. It started with the roaches. The never ending roaches. We have bombed the place twice, kept the kitchen OCD clean and they still come back with a vengeance. Nothing is more appetizing than going into the kitchen to get something to eat and see not one, but 3 or 4 roaches crawling everywhere.

But let’s back up a bit.

During the walk through prior to moving in, I wrote down that there were no oven racks, no shelves in one of the cabinets, roaches and a busted microwave. It took weeks to get oven racks and a new microwave. And while we were waiting, the bottom rack in the dishwasher had to be replaced, the hot water went out and both lights in front our door stopped working. After the fact, we still have hot water problems, the light outside still keeps shorting out, the roaches are still here and we’ve already had to have the new microwave fixed. If that’s not enough, we had washer and dryer issues.

That’s not all.

The sink in the master bathroom started leaking, the doorknobs on three doors had to be replaced, master bedroom door had to be fixed because it wouldn’t close and still no hot water.

Then there’s the money issue.

We asked several times if there were any other fees that we had to pay. We were told that we were good. We signed the lease and when we went to get the keys, we were told that we hadn’t paid the $75 admin fee. What? We asked if there were any extra fees and was told no. So what the hell? Then they said we needed renter’s insurance prior to moving in, something they could’ve told us sooner. So renter’s insurance is tacked onto our rent price, as well as gas, water and sewage, all of which we were led to believe was included into the rent. They also didn’t tell us that we would be sharing a boiler with the entire building. And when we had washer issues, we were told that the washer and dryer was NOT including in the rent like we thought. We were told this two months after signing the lease. The ONLY reason why I was sold on this place was because of the washer and dryer. There was no way I would’ve agreed to move in here without it. I was having a baby soon and knew that a washer and dryer would be essential. So there’s an extra $60 or so tacked on our rent. And the original rent price was pushing it for our budget.

Now back to the hot water or the lack there of.

Since October, we’ve been complaining of hot water problems. It would go cold in two to five minutes into a shower, it wouldn’t get hot – just lukewarm, or it wouldn’t get warm at all. Now, they start listening to us when other people started to complain as well. Now they are saying there is no hot water because of  a leak that they are trying to fix.

This is bullshit.

They are trying to cover their asses. We’ve been complaining for months about the water! And every time the handyman comes over to fix it, he turns on the water, it gets “hot” aka lukewarm and says oh it’s fixed or there is no problem. So, if there is a leak, it could’ve been fixed long time ago if they had listened to us the first time.

So now they are trying to fix it and the entire building has been without hot water for several days.

Have you ever had a cold shower?

Have you ever had a cold shower with water coming from a non-working boiler that’s been outside in 30 degree weather?

It’s no fun.

I have to escape to my mom’s place on the weekend to get a proper hot shower. I’ve been doing it for weeks. I feel bad because it feels like I’m using my mom but it’s a win win situation. She gets to see her only grandson and I get a hot shower.

Oh and there’s still roaches. They were suppose to have someone to come by and spray. Did they? No. I’ve requested several times. No one has showed up to spray.

So screw them. I hate this place. HATE. THIS. PLACE.

Can’t wait to move. Got eight more months.


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