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Achieving Dreams – Two Gone

Number 119 and 129 are crossed off the list! Revised

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On Thursday, November 29, 2012, I got married to a wonderful guy. We did not have a traditional wedding or ceremony. We chose to elope instead. We had our parents sign as witnesses on our marriage license  after we were pronounced as husband and wife by the Justice of the Peace. It was how we wanted it at that moment. No frills, no big to-do, just us, our parents and our love. We told no one else that we were getting married – which is the purpose of eloping – but told them after the fact. We were greeted with a lot of happiness and congratulations except for a few people. People I had hoped would be the most supportive and happiest. They’re angry. I can’t understand why either. Even after telling them that we’re going to have a formal celebration next year they’re still upset.

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