Dance Competitions & Horror

I am currently watching a dance competition that my niece is a part of. I am super excited and swelling with pride and watching with anticipation for my niece’s performance. But my pride and anticipation are thwarted by the horror I am encountering. All of the groups are super talented and have worked very hard to make it to this competition. But that is not what has me recoiling in horror. It is the inappropriate dancing and costuming for the 8 years old and under groups. They are way to young for lingerie, I’m sorry. And forgive me if I think that they are way to young to be dancing like they’re sex objects. No girl, or woman for that matter, should be thought of, projected as, or treated as sexual trophies. Yes these young girls can dance, don’t get me wrong about that. I am amazed by their talent. Yet at the same time there should be other ways for those amazing skills to be showcased that doesn’t involve a provocative and sexy dance routine, for 8 year olds. What amazed me was that the older age groups made the 8 and unders look like harlots in reference to costuming and routine. Trust me, I’m not calling little girls harlots. It was just that the older aged groups were more dressed and their dancing wasn’t provocative and they still were able to show off their enormous talents. Even the song choices were more appropriate for the older groups.

I don’t know. Perhaps I am being old fashioned. Or perhaps I’m not and it was actually really inappropriate. My sister, mom and older brother seem to think so. But to give an example about what I mean about inappropriate dancing and costuming, anyone remember those little girls dancing to Single Ladies?

Update: I just saw a dance featuring 8 and unders that displayed their talents without being provocative and they were actually dressed appropriately. I actually forgot they were 8 years old they were so talented. And when I was reminded that they were I became amazed in disbelief.


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