Awesome reasons why to travel on smaller roads during roadtrips!

McCool Travel

OK, I constantly preach that road trips on smaller roads are more fun than on interstate highways.

Time for me to prove it.

Last week I drove from South Florida to Northern Virginia. Total driving time on the quickest route (according to Cost2Drive) is 18 hours. For one person, that would be a long two days of driving on insidious, boring highways (mostly I-95).

Instead, I spent 4 and a half days mostly on smaller roads. Note, I did some interstate driving, about 150 miles out of 1,700 miles, during bad weather (rain).

8 great reasons to skip the highways and take smaller roads instead:

  1. Scenery. Interstates were made to shuttle people and goods as quickly as possible between destinations. Interstates are not intended to be beautiful. For scenery, I always opt for smaller roads. For instance, on this road trip I wanted to drive A1A…

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