This is so awesome! I want to go!

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Yesterday was children’s day in Mexico and to celebrate, I decided to pamper my inner child and went to see a 59 ft robot!

He is part of an anime series called Gundam (there are many different tv shows and comics based on these robots), where the heroes had their own giant robots. The series was huge in Japan, and I was a fan when they showed some of the cartoons in Mexico, so to see one of your childhood heroes come to life is a mini-dream come true! 

There were a lot of people there to see the robot. Some dressed as characters and were nice enough to let us take a couple of shots with them! The whole thing was a pretty neat experience!

Oh, I forgot to mention this. He also lights up at night.

You’ll have to forgive these pictures not being at their best. You…

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I’ve christened May the How To Sell Self-Published Books Month here on Catherine, Caffeinated, but before we get into the nuts and bolts of marketing and promoting your book, we need to have a little tough love session first.

At my most recent workshop I started off by saying to the participants that my aim for the day was to send them home with everything I wished I’d known before I started self-publishing, or in other words everything I had to learn on the job because when I started self-publishing, I didn’t have a clue. And yet clueless and all that I was, I was operating with a huge advantage: realism. Because I’d spent a good decade of my young life poring over every How To Format a Manuscript for Submission To Within an Inch of Its Life Because, Yeah, That’s What’s Going to Be the Deciding Factor (Not!)

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Awesome reasons why to travel on smaller roads during roadtrips!

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OK, I constantly preach that road trips on smaller roads are more fun than on interstate highways.

Time for me to prove it.

Last week I drove from South Florida to Northern Virginia. Total driving time on the quickest route (according to Cost2Drive) is 18 hours. For one person, that would be a long two days of driving on insidious, boring highways (mostly I-95).

Instead, I spent 4 and a half days mostly on smaller roads. Note, I did some interstate driving, about 150 miles out of 1,700 miles, during bad weather (rain).

8 great reasons to skip the highways and take smaller roads instead:

  1. Scenery. Interstates were made to shuttle people and goods as quickly as possible between destinations. Interstates are not intended to be beautiful. For scenery, I always opt for smaller roads. For instance, on this road trip I wanted to drive A1A…

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I would love to visit Tokyo one day.

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Tokyo is awesome. I mean really awesome! It’s been a dream of mine for years to come and see what the place that fed me half of my childhood looks like. Godzilla, Dragonball, Astro Boy, Speed Racer, Mario, Ryu, Chun Li, and so much more! 

This is Olvier Atom, from Captain Tsubasa, aka Flash Kicker in the USA and Supercampeones in Mexico! The show is 29 years old and this is the first thing I saw when I got on the subway!

But for all these crazy cartoons and videogames, I don’t really know too much about Japan, it’s culture, and the mecca city they call Tokyo. So here are 5 things I’ve learned on my first day out and about on the streets of this great place!

1.- Tokyo is huge. Most people already know it’s a big city. We constantly hear that it has the largest amount of people in the…

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