Update Butterfly Mask – Eyes


Finally did something to the eyes of the mask and clear coated it. I just wish I had a better camera.

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The Muppets


Watched the new Muppet movie last night. Is it just me or have they really “dumb” down the Muppets? It seemed more childish than usual. I remember the older movies being a tad bit more mature even in the singing and dancing. But I guess that’s what you expect when it gets acquired by Disney. The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz, which I saw out of curiosity, was so kiddie and cheeky that I couldn’t watch 10 minutes of it. What happened to the more mature Muppets? The Muppets I remember had drama and love and scandal! I remember Kermit getting hit by a car (I cried when I was a kid), Gonzo courting a chicken, Miss Piggy being super violent, Kermit skinny dipping, someone actually died, more drama in Piggy’s and Kermit’s relationship, Kermit and Piggy had sex (yes they did, watch the first Muppet movie. It was right after Kermit went skinny dipping.), there was a sexist song about women (apparently you can’t live with or without them), the elderly hecklers were meaner,  and the villains were more evil (murderous! Frog legs anyone?). The newer Muppets have no tragedy, no drama, no hidden sexual undertones. They have pie in the sky, happy-go-lucky, kiddie plots with laughable villains like Tex Richman (original) who randomly breaks out into a rap song (so corny) and keeps saying maniacal laugh instead of actually doing it.

What happened?!

Vending Machine Shame


Vending machine shame happens to too many people nowadays. They walk up to it or pass it by and look at what unhealthy deliciousness it offers. And then the shame kicks in. It’s not the shame of wanting tasty treats or getting this unhealthy snack instead trying to find an alternative. It’s not even the price you pay to get those treats. No. The shame comes when you realize you’ve done the same thing you’re parents and grandparents have done on numerous occasions, remembering how much you paid in “your day”. Yes. That is the shame. The moment when you compare those prices, realized how old you are and had an economic nostalgia moment. It’s when you look at a 12 oz. soda and gawk at the price and think “Man, I remember when this was…” That is the shame. And it isn’t limited to vending machine pricing. It creeps up in all areas of life from buying gas to watching TV to listening to music. The moment when you realized you just compared modern times to the “good ol days”.