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Anime and Conventions and Cosplays! OH MY!

Ok, I love anime. Been in love with it since middle school and I’m a major yaoi fan! But lately I haven’t been able to watch or get into it as I did when I was younger. But that’s not stopping me from going to an anime convention this summer! Oh yeah!

In high school, I was apart of anime club which provided great anime and amazing friends. Today, many of the members are not only still wonderful friends but love anime as well. So, last year we decided that we should have a reunion and have fun like old times. So we’re getting the band back together, anime style!


Step 1: Agree that we really need to get together and act like immature idiots for old times sake. After all, if you’re going to act crazy and geek out on anime, you might as well do it with people that will understand.

Step 2: Figure out when the world needs to take cover. This is important. If we’re going to take over the world with our insanity, we need to figure out when. More power in numbers. We chose summer 2012.

Step 3: Find a place to make our stand and proclaim the world ours! Or at least come together for a whole lot of chaotic fun! We chose an anime convention! (duh!)

Step 4: Find a way to get the information out there to all former members that want to shake off the oppressions of adulthood (without losing all the benefits!) and act like kids again. Facebook, you’re awesome!

It’s been going great so far and we’re counting down the time. The closer we get to convention day the more excitement grips us! And like the last time we all went to a convention together as a group, we’re going to dress up! Mwahaha! Some of us are going as actual identifiable characters. The rest, we’re going as characters we’ve invented. I’m one of those.

The major problem I’m having is getting the look I want. The hair, the clothes, and the jewelry. Because not only are we going as characters and OC’s but we’re going as mafia members as well. Why? Because I decided to name our group such. The mafia look is easy. Everything is coming along nicely. My OC’s look is slow coming.

She is going to have two outfits and I have to make both from scratch. The convention is four months away and I haven’t started sewing yet. I should get on that. Her hair is the BIGGEST issue. I can’t find a wig in the color I want, in the style I want, the length I want and at the price I want. So! I bought a cheap blonde wig so I can dye it. (Pray! Pray hard!) I have other elements of her costume like her necklace, her cloak, her shoes and my awesome friend is making her earrings.

Mafia chic is the easiest simply because I don’t have to make anything! I have the hat, the tie, the shoes, the corset, the bandana and the suit is coming in the mail. The only thing I need is the black button-up shirt and I’m done. See? Easy.

With classes and everything it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed and overlook my projects. I need to be organized! I need to focus! I need…

TO DO LISTS!! *insert cackle here*

OC’s Costume Elements

  • White dress
  • Golden corset
  • Ivory skirt
  • Black purple wig *
  • Cloak
  • Necklace/choker
  • Earrings
  • Shoes
  • Makeup

Mafia Chic Costume Elements

  • Fedora hat
  • Bandana
  • Black button-up shirt
  • Long coat suit *
  • Corset
  • Shoes
  • Tie
  • Makeup

Phew! When I get the more creative elements complete, like the wig dying, I will post a picture. Argh! Note to self – experiment with makeup!


2 thoughts on “Anime and Conventions and Cosplays! OH MY!

  1. I wish my mates had something like this going, as there are not many people I know who are anime fans which is a bit of a shame. But yeah If I were you I would try go something flashy maybe try and get a full alucard suit from hellsing that would defs be respect 🙂

    1. Oh how I wish I could get an Alucard suit! That would be awesome! I might have to cosplay him next time! I highly recommend you and your friends to plan an anime convention trip together! It’s so much fun! You can start locally and then branch out! Thanks for reading my post and commenting! ^_^

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