Creative To-Do List Update


Added another item


  • First mask
  • Butterfly mask
  • Eye mask
  • Curved mask
  • Phantom of the Opera-esque mask
  • Breast cancer awareness starburst mask*
  • Lace mask*

Don’t ask lol


Butterfly Mask – Outline


Well I’ve done the outline in gold and I think it looks rather nice. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to do the eyes and whether of not I’ll line it or not. Still need to figure out the “head” and the antennae.

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I’m reading this book called “Refuse to Choose!” by Barbara Sher. I don’t know why I checked out this book. Well, to be honest I do. I kept seeing it pop up on GoodReads and on Amazon and something told me to read it. So I checked it out from the library at the same time as “Soulmate Secret”. Unfortunately, “Refuse to Choose!” got pushed to the back burner while I quickly finished “Soulmate Secret”. Now I wish I hadn’t. This book is rather fascinating!

Yes, it’s another self-help, find your way or passion book. But this one is different. This one actually is helping me realize something:

There’s nothing wrong with me.

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Anime and Conventions and Cosplays! OH MY!


Ok, I love anime. Been in love with it since middle school and I’m a major yaoi fan! But lately I haven’t been able to watch or get into it as I did when I was younger. But that’s not stopping me from going to an anime convention this summer! Oh yeah!

In high school, I was apart of anime club which provided great anime and amazing friends. Today, many of the members are not only still wonderful friends but love anime as well. So, last year we decided that we should have a reunion and have fun like old times. So we’re getting the band back together, anime style!


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