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I’m doing this thing where I try to create a writing prompt for my mom to do everyday, something to get her to write more often. The one that came to me the other day was to write a gratitude statement. I liked the idea so much that I decided to do it as well. (It came to me in the twilight sleep stage.) So here’s the prompt.

Write down 7 things you are CURRENTLY grateful for. Then write down 3 things you WILL BE grateful for. Review the list. Write down a gratitude statement using all 10 things. Remember to write the WILL BE items as if they are happening NOW.

Here’s my gratitude statement.

7 Things I’m Grateful For

  1. health
  2. my car
  3. my family
  4. my friends
  5. food and place to stay
  6. ability to love
  7. peace

3 Things I Will Be Grateful For

  1. spouse
  2. florida living
  3. travels

I am grateful for my health and my ability to love and be loved by my spouse, friends, and family. I am thankful for the car I drive, the food I eat, and the roof over my head. I’m grateful that my home is in Florida and my environment is peaceful. I enjoy this especially when I come home from my travels with my friends, spouse, and/or family.

Knitting · Masks · To Do List

Creative To-Do List

I figured I might as well list the things I want to do creatively in order to keep track of it all.


  • First mask
  • Butterfly mask
  • Eye mask
  • Curved mask
  • Phantom of the Opera-esque mask


  • Dad’s blanket

There will not be anything added to the knitting list until that blanket is done! It’s taken me over a year to do and I’ve started it over! I will finish it this year! Hopefully before Father’s Day.

I have no idea why I’ve decided to do papier mâché masks. It just hit me. The first one turned out rather well. It was a learning process. I know I want to use gloss clear coat and not satin. I use less glitter than I think I do. And never use spray glitter on a windy day ^_^.


In class…

I can’t escape this song even though I’m in class. I walk into my Theatre Appreciation class and “Moves Like Jagger”. I love this song. And I can’t escape it. Never expect it to show up IN class. It’s great. Manifesting at its best. *dancing*


And now I want to make a Phantom of the Opera mask. It should be fairly simple. I’m almost finished with my first mask and I’m in the process of making a second. And I have two more additional ideas.


A New Beginning…

I’m a bit apprehensive in starting a new blog considering my other ones have failed. They didn’t fail because no one visited my blog, they failed because I lost interest in them or didn’t have time to update them as often as I liked. Not to be discouraged, I’m starting anew. New site, new outlook, new layout. I realized where I went wrong. I had too many interests, too many blogs, and just became overwhelmed. I did try to combine them in one website (sad attempt) so the viewer can see everything. I didn’t do it for myself and that’s where I went wrong. Now I’m doing this blog differently. This one will house EVERY single thing that I’m interested in. But that won’t mean I will be unorganized. Not in the slightest. I will be categorizing things.

What Things?

My thoughts, revelations, my classes, my creative projects (knitting, graphics, masks), thoughts on books, movies, and anything else that comes to mind. I’m going to do what I started out doing years ago.

Sharing what I want to the world and hope that it inspires others.