I changed my motherhood/pregnancy blog to a homeschool journal. I’m basically just making note of what we covered that day, how much he progressed, what tools I use, our overall mental health and enjoyment of homeschooling, and books I have read to him and intend to read to him that day.

I haven’t updated my Life-to-Do list in a couple of years. To be honest, I haven’t even looked at it. I will update it and continue to try to accomplish things on that list. Which means finishing up AFI’s Top 100 movies. I’ve knitted stuff and failed to take pictures. Life has just shoved me a long and things just fall off. I will continue and get back on the horse. Starting with the TV post. Most of those kid shows are gone or have moved to other providers.


Tv Programs For Kids: For Parents Who Don’t Mind the Boob Tube



Being a SAHM while being a first time mom has its ups and downs. You question every decision you make when it comes to your child. You worry how every major choice you make affects him. Tv time is not one of those things for me. I don’t let him watch tv all day nor does he want to. But when I let him, it’s always a show I think he can learn from. Not all shows are good ones. And I don’t like having superheroes playing in the background. So I made a list of shows and arranged them by subject and where to find them since we got rid of cable.

(N) = Netflix   (A) = Amazon  (H) = Hulu  (YT) = YouTube 

Martha Speaks (N)
Between the Lions (YT)
Super Why (N)
Animal ABC’s (N)
Word World (A)
Scholastic Storybooks (N)
VocabuLarry (H)
Word Girl (N)
LeapFrog Phonics Farm (N)
LeapFrog The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park (N)
LeapFrog The Magnificent Museum of Opposite Words (N)
LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures: The Letter Machine Rescue Team (N)
LeapFrog Letter Factory: Word Explorers (N)
Reading Rainbow (A)

Charlie and the Numbers (H)
Emily’s First 100 Days of School (N)
Peg + Cat (N)(H)
Team Umizoomi (A)
Animal 123’s (N)
Numbers Around the Globe (N)(H)
Counting with Paula (A)
LeapFrog Number Land (N)
LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures: Counting on Lemonade (N)
LeapFrog Numbers Ahoy (N)
LeapFrog Math Adventures to the Moon (N)

Colors and Shapes
Team Umizoomi (A)
Color Crew (N)(H)
Tricky Tracks (H)
Babytv: Shape-a-Majigs (YT)
Preschool: Shapes and Colors playlist by Aprille D (YT)
LeapFrog Adventures in Shapeville Park (N)

Sid the Science Kid (N)
Wild Kratts (N)(H)
Magic School Bus (N)
Tillie Knock Knock (N)(H)
Wonder Pets (A)
Dinosaur Train (N)
School House Rock Earth (N)
The Blue Planet (N)
Animal Party (H)
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (N)
Peep and the Big Wide World (N)
Look Around You (H)

Music and Art
Little Einstein (N)
Creative Galaxy (A)
Baby Genius Favorite Nursery Rhymes (N)
Baby Genius Favorite Children’s Songs (N)
Baby Genius Favorite Counting Songs (N)
Baby Genius Baby Animals Favorite Sing-a-longs (N)
Baby Genius Favorite Sing-a-longs (N)
Baby First Art and Music (N)(H)
Concertino (H)
Crafty Rafty (H)
Bob Zoom (N)
The Notekins (H)

Curious George (N)(A)
Blue’s Clues (A)
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (N)
Flip and Flash (H)
Hippa Hippa Hey (H)
BunnyTown (N)
Vocabulary with Fred and Fiona (H)
Pitch and Potch (H)
Bath and Bed (H)
Hungry Henry (H)

Hulu has BabyFirst and BabyTv programs. I suggest checking out what else they have to offer. Creative Galaxy is one my son’s favorite, and mine I must admit. First episode talked about pointillism and an artist associated with that art style. YouTube has all sorts of stuff. I even found the original School House Rock.

The only kind of baby blanket I make


knit the hell out

I must be addicted to Pinwheel Blankets. Aside from making the occasional square for a group effort blanket for kiddos all of the blankets I’ve made on my own are pinwheels. This one is my fifth, if I’m remembering correctly.

The formula is so simple. It includes ten sections that you increase with a yarn over on every other round and knit your heart out. Variagated yarns have a chance to sing, and I get to knit my heart out with rhythmic and soothing stockinette. pinwheelI’m sure there are scads of amazing baby blanket patterns out there, but I’m really hooked on this one. I’m also making this as close to Z’s baby blanket without using the exact same color of yarn. I used a Dream in Color yarn for Z’s as well and I’m really pleased with the way the yarn has held up with almost daily use…

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Easter Piñata




I wanted to do something different. Something other than the traditional Easter egg hunt. Then an idea came to me, why not a piñata? Knowing my son, he’d enjoy whacking it to pieces. So I began to construct…

…The Egg Piñata!!

First, a game plan and then supplies. I looked up other piñatas and got ideas. I didn’t want to use crepe paper nor did I want to do a easy decorating technique. Apparently, I like things long and complicated. Now that I focused on a design, it was time to get the supplies. Everything I used was either free or cheap.


Thank you Dollar Tree!! Everything $1! I got the balloons, tissue paper, and candy there. I got the glue and paint from Wal-Mart. The paper I used to I got in the mail, sales paper. I used flour and water to make the paste.

Time to start crafting!


First, I blew up the balloon to the desired size. I found out too late that it was too big. I covered it with the ripped up sales paper and paste. I did several layers to make sure that the piñata didn’t collapse once I popped the balloon. I also found out that I put on too many layers. My son couldn’t break through. That was an amusing learning experience.

IMG_1919Next, the base coat. I chose white since I didn’t want to buy different shades of paint and I want to keep it light and springy.

I cut open a small flap near the top and filled the egg with candy. Next, was the decorations! This was the hardest and longest part of the egg’s creation. Man, it was long. It took me a day and a half for each color. Well, minus blue. Blue only took a day. Why so long? Because I’m the mother of a two year old and the technique I used took some effort. I cut up the tissue paper into 1 to 1 1/2 inch squares, twisted it around a pencil (then eventually popsicle stick) and glued them on.

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Why we’re not losing weight after 35


Violet Thorn

Supposedly it’s harder to keep in shape or lose weight after age 35.

I’m closer to 40 than I am 30. I’m beginning to see changes in my body. I’m thinking: At this rate what will my body look like 10years from now? How do I keep it in shape and avoid that “middle age spread”?

We all know wIn Shape after 35 Pichat our diet should be to keep healthy and loose weight if we need to. We forget because of the deluge of information out there on what we should do and do not do.

There’s the brand-named diet plans out there like Atkins, Weight Watchers and South Beach. We have our super foods that’s supposed to either help you loose weight or make you extra healthy. And we have our on going battles about what food items are good or bad. Is coffee good or bad. Are eggs good or bad?

But what seems to…

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AFI’s Goal Update – Goodfellas



I liked this movie. It was a good movie. I really liked Robert De Niro’s character. I didn’t like Joe Pesci’s character because he was crazy hostile for no reason. Napoleon complex or anger issues? Who knows. I like how the story was told and I didn’t mind Ray Liotta’s character until he got stupid. He made all these dumb mistakes and just ruined his ideal life. There were times I wanted to slap Karen. Her attitude was a bit obnoxious. Oh, and they had a moment where she had a self narration and then they stopped. What’s up with that? I thought it would’ve been nice to hear her thoughts on certain situations especially with her lively attitude. I will give this one 4.5 stars.

Watched: 29/50

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AFI’s Goal Update – Duck Soup



The Marx Brothers. Good for one liners and physical comedy. Duck Soup reminds me of a cartoon. In fact, I remember Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck dressing up as them a few times. This is a 2 star movie for me because I could have done without the random singing. Plus, the ending seemed rushed and was a bit confusing. They were just outside! How did they get inside all of a sudden?! And someone explain the title to me!

Watched: 28/50

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